Friday, March 25, 2011

Horsees horsees horsees horses horses!!!

So I’m having to hold off on the figurative work for a duration that I’m up here in Oregon, so I’ve gone back to another favorite subject of mine… horses. I love rendering wildlife in general, but horses are a passion of mine. Their so majestic, powerful, and graceful… well most of them are.
Here’s another attempt at using only additive drawing. That means I put the erasure away. Figured I’d leave my blending stump in its place too and just see if I can do it with Nicole (my .5 mechanical pencil with HB graphite loaded) alone. YES! I named my pencils! Why wouldn’t I? She never talks back, always does what I want her to, never says no, and is always ready to go! Oh, and she never puts on any weight either… no matter how many pieces of graphite she gets in her belly. LOL! Save the remarks on how big of a pig I am, I’m only kidding. Cara is my .7 mechanical pencil with 2B graphite loaded. She’s for when I want to get rough and dirty ^_~.
 This was a speed exercise. Finished in 2 hours. Didn’t let myself get too deep into detail, which worked out (I think) since I used more of a cross-hatching technique which makes obsessing about details kinda difficult at the size I was working at. All I was concerned about was trying to capture the essence of the hose in a fast a time as possible.
Oh, put up another piece I was fiddling with for a while. Got the ref from a maxim mag. Started it in traffic school. Figured I’d be stuck in that classroom for 8 hours, minus well do what I used to do in school… doodle.
That’s it for now.

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