Monday, March 4, 2013

Time to upgrade

My state of the art (four years ago) laptop is really showing its ago now. Can't blame it. It's been hard working and has delivered well thru these years, but alas, it's time to upgrade.

For all the tech geeks out there. The image above is the product of only 1 hours work on a duo core 2.5 Ghz laptop running photoshop 6 on windows 7. Image is 150 dpi, 8bit RGB, and only 3 layers... And my poor laptop was having trouble keeping up with my brush strokes. Poor thing =(. Obviously a ways to go before it start looking like the way I want it too, but it'll never get there with what I have now.

So I'm off to my hardware dealer and to talk about a new desktop. I need the horsepower to take my work to the next level. Only place I see that my pencil skills would fit best is the comic book industry. Of course I still plan on perusing the comics thing in a big way, but certain opportunities have come about that require me to embrace digital.

Far be it for me to ignore destiny when it walks up and kicks me square in the nuts.

"Be good, get good, or step aside."

- It's good to be the king =)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Frustration, thy name is technology

Having too many issues with my laptop.. Go figure, a gaming machine that's about 4 years old and has always been a heat monster is having trouble running photoshop 6 with windows 7. I got a few big things coming just around the corner but they all require me to brush up on my digital painting chops. Solution? I'm digging up my old (emphasis on old) desktop. P4 2.0 GHz that I'm hoping to turn into a photoshop ONLY machine so I can get work done. Been havin to call my tech geek friends a lot lately, but whadayagonnado? Can't let a minor issue like tech deficiencies get in the way of my plans of world domination!

Just got the call! Time to get my MacGuiver on!