Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekends? What are those?

Sunday... just another work day. They forget to mention this part in the self employed business owner pamphlet. No such thing as a day off.  ... Ok, that not entirely true. Technically, i take time off when ever i want to, but when you have bills to pay and goals to meet, (depending on how motivated and disciplined you are) down time is a luxury.

Got a phone call where i had to juggle the ol' schedule a round a little because i was suppose to shoot an internet commercial for a company on the 29th, but there are some scheduling issues with the talent and a couple other details, so we decided to push it back a couple weeks. I'm learning there is a lot of that in this business. I'm ok with it, i've got plenty other things to do and this sort of thing is bound to happen when you have many people involved.

I have to reshoot a portion of a video tour tuesday because to owner/ agent didn't like the way the grass in the front lawn looked and the background music wasn't what they were looking for.  *sigh* Doesn't matter if i list on the website and tell them before i roll cameras to "Make sure the property is ready to show", things still slip between thru the cracks.

Still gotta read thru the latest Black Rabbit web series script revision, a necessary step since i'm the creative lead, before we can start with the table read and putting together our shot list and location planning and blah blah blah.

One highlight i'm looking forward to getting to tonight is laying out the ground work and logistics to purchasing a camera drone.

I'm looking at picking up one of these kits since it has everything i need in one package and it'll save me the time and hassle of building a unit myself. Here's the link:

DSLR Pros Camera Drone

Ya, the idea of working with a unit like this puts a giant smile on my face, but it's not as simple as buy and fly in this case. i gotta make sure i can make the money back and that it becomes a good selling point for Black Rabbit Enterprises.

I've been a RC helicopter and airplane enthusiast for a long time now, to operating this things isn't an issue. It's lining up paying gigs that's got me a little nervous. At this point in the game, a $4k purchase is a pretty big deal to me, tho eventually (especially in the entertainment business) making equipment purchases that can go well into the 6 figures is common practice. I'm simply not there yet.

At any rate, long hours, little down time, hard work... and still loving every minute of it! What more could you ask for?

.... anyone want to be my sugar momma???

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