Wednesday, March 19, 2014

18  March, 2014

            So whats new? Since the last time I made a blog entry, lots. I’ve basically added “filmmaker” to the list of the things I try to do. It’s been an adventure that I wish I had started a loooong time ago. I’m loving every minute of it. Even the tedious and hardest parts of it all. I’m lovin’ it. I still Illustrate and tattoo here and there, whenever the opportunity arrises, but I don’t actively look to work in a tattoo shop anymore. Instead, I find the idea of getting paid to play make believe and tell stories to be the greatest thing ever!

            So, I started an LLC with the goal of making it a web based indie media production company. Seems like the perfect time in the world of entertainment to do that, right? What with Netflix encompassing upwards of 70% (I think) of internet traffic on a daily basis. Web based entertainment is becoming a real contender in the world today. Granted, literally anyone can go out and pick up a camera and start making stuff. The market is pretty flooded, but the good stuff still finds it’s way to the forefront and shine. That’s what I want to do. Tell good stories. With the economy the way it is, and the fact that tax laws and stuff have really been turned upside down, it’s become harder and harder to make your way into the entertainment industry. So I figured, why wait for someone to give me the chance? I’ll just do it myself! …… Pipe dream, right? Maybe. But I know what I want to do with my life now, so I’m just gonna set out and do it. Sure it’s gonna be an uphill climb, and by no means has it been easy, but I never expected it to be. Besides, how many of the great figures in history, really knew what they were doing when they set out to do it?... don’t answer that.

            What’s the name of the LLC I started? It’s called Black Rabbit Enterprises. Why Black Rabbit? Because all this actually started with the web series I created called “Black Rabbit”.  I’ll post the web address for the production later, it’s still under construction, but we’re working on it. but you can check out and "Like" our Facebook fan page here:

            The other venture I’ve started is Video Tours for real estate and yachts. Not sure what that is? Take a look:

            The video tours business is taking off a bit. It’s a lot of work to get out there to promote the business, but it is what it is.

            I’m hoping to add aerial cinematography to my list of tools and services soon. I’ll talk about that in another post.

            What else am I up too?  Working on producing web based commercial for business and products and such. Then after Black Rabbit web series is on its feet, then I plan on starting other web series productions. Not just mine, but others peoples ideas too. And that’s still just the beginning of it. There’s still merchandising and live events. Yes my plans are pretty expansive… but hey, go big or go home, right?

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