Saturday, August 13, 2011

I know it's been a while but a lot has happened since last i posted. Let’s see... I've started an exporting business selling stuff to china (yes china, their economy is booming and they love all things American... funny enough, just nor Americans).  It’s amazing how much time and effort has to be put into all the logistics and stuff for a project like this. Knew it was coming, just whining a little =) . I might be starting part time as an artist at a tattoo shop in Pasadena Ca. soon. So, in trying to get all those thing rolling, I’m still trying to finish a couple bodies of gallery works and have some sort of semblance of a social life (though I think this last part might be failing a little, price of ambition sometimes I guess).

So I’ve taken to doing more art on my iPad. I think I like working like this since it’s opened up the world of color digital painting to me. *** Special note: Thanks Anjii for the Waccom stylus for the ipad, best damn tool in the whole freakin world! *** For those of you just joining our program, our intrepid hero has a slight case of colorblindness so doing artwork in color can be an issue.  But here is my most recent attempt:

I purchased a few apps but I think I’m liking sketchbook pro the most for painting (which is the app I used to create the above work) and Inkpad for vector drawings and stuff. All the apps I’ve downloaded have been either free or under $10. When you compare the fact that photoshop and illustrator are hundreds of dollars, it’s not a bad deal. Of course you don’t get the functionality of those programs, but you do get portability, which was exactly what I wanted.

So I still have a ton of photos from china that have yet to sort and upload, but it is on my to do list, so stay tuned! =)

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