Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tag!!! You're It!!!!

So the other day there was this unknown person on Facebook that tagged my portrait of Bellabrook as inappropriate. Now, This piece is shown above... To me, this is an emotional piece and Bellabrook doesn't seem to be doing anything rash nor is she performing as such. So the question I ask all you peeps out there is........... Why the hell does someone think this is inappropriate or "porn"? Seriously, so that means the greatest artists of all time were inappropriate as well? Come on now, the freedom of expression for any art form should never be confined. The idea that comes from the artist is shown to the people, and the future. It shouldn't be expelled from society because someone deems it inappropriate because they see it as an offense to their personal mortality. No one is forcing the public to look at artist's pieces, so why do the "taggers" force their negative thoughts upon everyone standing by trying to appreciate the Art's. ...."If you don't like something don't do it or look at it." You shouldn't even socially tag someone even if you're a rival. All is fair in love and war, yes... However, your work is just as important and unique as the next artist...Please give me your feedback,questions, or even to vent yourself as well. All ideals and opinions are quite welcome. My last question of the day is who is in control to interpret what is right and what is wrong? What happened to independence, personality, and individualism? Don't feel you need to follow the herd to survive, Being yourself is the best gift you can give to the world and yourself... The world will be uniformed if you give in... Freedom to life!!! ( My tangent for the day) I would love to read what the fellow artists feel about this and anything that comes to mind...

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